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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure are our transactions?
The security of our transactions ....
Can we transfer money from one country to another?
GeoWIRE members are able to ....
How long does it take to transfer money?
The transactions are processed ....
Can we transfer foreign currency from one account to another?
Foreign currency transactions ....
Can we pay our Bills from our GeoWIRE account?
Bill payment is embedded within the GeoWIRE platform so ....
Do we have reports generated from our accounts?
Reports are generated ....
What is anti-money laundering?
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is the ....
If I place cash in one country can the recipient in another country also receive in cash?
GeoWIRE members are able to ....

Why we are Best!

The GeoWIRE Global Network is interconnected to all major Financial Services providers in the world.
Digital Platform
The GeoWIRE Digital Network costs less to operate than traditional brick-and-mortar stores, thus we pass on those savings to our customers.
Foreign Exchange

The GeoWIRE Foreign Exchange base serves as a cost effective platform for multi-currency accounts and transactions.

Certified and Transparent

All GeoWIRE accounts are audited by external independent auditors and product options for recipients lead to an informed choice.


About GeoWIRE™

GeoWIRE™ products and services are derived from many years of involvement within the Financial Services Industry. Our highly specialised products are...

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